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A Square Peg

Ten years ago I started writing a book about G. I called it “A Square Peg” It’s still sitting in a file on my computer, I never did get it published. It got rejected from one publisher and I lost … Continue reading

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It’s G’s 22nd Birthday today! As with all Birthdays it’s a time for celebration and reflection. Like we Mum’s often do, I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday.  After a fairly easy pregnancy G had a difficult … Continue reading

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“Getting a life” – moving into adulthood

G was 15 months old when we were told he had a life-long learning disability. When you’re told that your child will “never fully grow up” and “will never be capable of leading an independent life” it’s pretty hard to … Continue reading

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“Service Speak” – the language barrier

People who know me well will know I have a big issue with the language used by services when referring to disabled people. I could rant forever about the terms used to describe people like my son, I’ve heard them … Continue reading

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Job Description – Mother for Disabled Child

Something I wrote back in 2005, the Carers allowance rate has changed (not a lot!) but nothing much else seems to have Job Description -REQUIRED: MOTHER FOR DISABLED CHILD This is a permanent post – HOURS: 168 Hours a week, 52 … Continue reading

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