“she’s at it again” ranty, rant, alert!

I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to focus on our new preparing for adulthood guide (Transition) I’ve delayed it for a while now because of all the changes but the last one (Transition Matters) was written in 2009, is pretty out of date and I want this one to be ready for our information Fair in November.

Today I was focussing on the introduction, I’ve done lots of other chapters, but the intro is the hook really isn’t it and I really want to get this right!

The main theme throughout (wouldn’t you know) is Person Centred approaches and Personalisation. I want parents to feel positive about the move to adulthood. I want to inspire them with what is possible and give them the information available and the tools they can use to plan (and continue to use to reflect)

None of this is easy! It’s a complex process and you don’t learn this stuff overnight but this time at least Government policy (for the most part) fits with everything we are trying to do. I know I have my work cut out this time. There is a danger I could be seen as someone, who having gone through this stage has forgotten how ghastly this whole phase is in reality. But, I’m determined to stick to my guns, acknowledge the difficulties but still letting people know that with the right approach you and they can and will survive it! And, live to tell the tale!

Then, As I was finishing for the day I got this email from my Colleague J.

 “Thought you might like to see what she is up to again!”


Yes! she’s at it again.

RM extolling the virtues of care rather than support (when the two should and can go hand in hand. I.E. you can support people to live the lives they want and care for them too) RM talking about people with learning disabilities “being put out in the community, with no support”  PUT OUT…what …are they cats?

I’ve moaned about the term “place” but “put out”…really Rosa???

I do confess to not having watched the interview to the very end. It’s really not good for my blood pressure! But, what I saw smacked of a plea for the return to segregated communities where people were presumed to be “SAFE” because they didn’t have to come face to face with the “nasty” general public, who don’t understand them. Which in turn smacks of complete ignorance!

I do know that life isn’t great for lots of people with learning disabilities, far from it for some. But do we really want to turn the clock back. We are making real progress!

I know only too well, with issues that friends are facing, that the move to adulthood brings with it real confusion and that the massive leap from the “parent knows best” to “your child now has rights because he/she is an adult” can bring unease and concern.  http://mydaftlife.wordpress.com/2013/04/16/the-end-of-section-2/

I know that sometimes you are so wrapped up in all this due to circumstances that being positive is difficult. This is why I feel that people need the facts, the rights based stuff along with the tools and the skills. As importantly they need to have the right kind of  “can do”, “go get em” attitudes that demands equality of opportunity, demands inclusion and won’t accept a second class existence.. This I why I think that  having the fear of God instilled in them when they are already scared to death really, really doesn’t help.

I wish I knew what her motive was! I wish she’d speak to some people who have positive stories to tell. I wish she’d take the time to learn about person centred planning and personalisation. I wish she could see some of the great stuff that’s happening (as well as the crap), I wish she’d move away from the”Care in the Community” idea to the living in the real world and embrace the idea keeping it real for people with learning disabilities. I wish she’d stop stop speaking up for parents and scaring them shitless in the process….But, most of all I wish TV would stop giving this bloody woman air time!

Rant over!

About Oxfordshire Family Support Network

Oxfordshire Family Support Network (OxFSN) is a not-for-profit organisation run by and for family carers of people with learning disabilities – both children and adults. Oxfordshire Family Support Network (OXFSN) was set up in 2007 by family carers who wanted to use their experience to help others in the same situation, based on our belief that family carers are experts by their lived experience.
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