It’s G’s Birthday today. He’s 25 years old. It hardly seems possible that he can be 25 years old.

He came to stay with me yesterday. I like him to wake up here on his special day and so far, despite him living in his own home for the last almost 6 years (and being in residential school before that for 3 years) I’ve always managed to arrange for him to be here. G likes waking up here on his Birthday too and just like when I blogged about his Birthday 3 years ago, today he woke up excited at 4.30am.

He knew it was his Birthday and wanted to make sure I’d remembered too. He wanted his presents, which always includes chocolate and he wanted it now! I managed to distract him on the chocolate front with a DVD until we got up for breakfast at least. We had a lovely morning together, watched his new DVD’s, ate chocolate and shared the Birthday love on Facebook. IMG_1458 Then I took him home (with Chocolate Birthday cake) to open presents from his housemates, a chocolate hamper from his Grandma and Grandad and big fuss from the staff! – And then I came home and had a kip on the sofa. I really can’t do 4.30am starts anymore!

This time of year now though also has another anniversary and on Thursday 21st of May it will be 2 years since Bob died. How can that be possible?!? It’s kind of tinged the G Birthday thing for me…I really hope that won’t last and I won’t always feel this way. I’ve done the ‘this time two years ago’ thing more time than I care to think about this last few weeks… I guess that’s inevitable. Two years ago Bob was here with me celebrating G’s Birthday and now he isn’t. Facebook Time-hop reminded me of that today, not that I needed reminding. I think I might delete Time hop!

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