I’ve tried writing blogs before but never quite managed to keep to the theme, so this one has no real theme, though common one’s will crop up from time to time.

I’m a middle aged mum of three adult kids, all of whom have abandoned me to live their own lives. Despite having three jobs now I seem to have more time to reflect ( I’ll be doing a lot of reflecting!) and to have the occasional rant now I no longer have my children to rant at!

Much of this Blog will be about G, my disabled son, (the one baby bird I never expected to fly the nest) who despite being profoundly disabled has taught me more than I could ever begin to teach him

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  1. mel smith says:

    thanks for your blog. none of my birds have flown the nest yet although all are old enough. i know that they will go and know it will be a melancholy situation……when no2 went off to uni i cried for a week. no3 has just turned 18 and flits from telling me that he’s moving out, getting married, staying with me forever. he too has taught me a lot, mostly about life and resilience but most of all about appreciating difference. his life has changed for the better with the help of local organisations; he is becoming a part of a ‘real’ community. i often revisit his first pcp and continue to be amazed at the content, the majority of which has come to fruition and we continue to reap a healthy harvest. it helps that we are surrounded by supportive forward thinking people who have taught us a lot. and if he moves out? i will cry as i did with number 2 but perhaps for a different reason; i spent so many years thinking it would never be an option.
    no 1 i love you too x

    mel – mother of no1, 2 and 3 x

    • emptynestmum says:

      Thanks for your comment Mel. G and his older sister left home within a month of each other ( he to residential school at 16 and she to University.) I was bereft!! and grieved for about 9 months, our kids leave a big hole. my youngest went from being one of three in a mad house to an only child practically over night…big shock to her too. I’m planning to write more about the empty nest but other things have cropped up which I felt compelled to write about. Im pleased to hear things are working out so positively for No 3 though x

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